Monday, June 1, 2015

And looking at the rest of the world, here's a fun story

Well, listening to what Michael Shaoul has to say does pay off, as long as you completely ignore his opinions on monetary policy which are founded on a grossly flawed neocon misunderstanding of basic economic theory and stick with his useful commentary on economic indicators:

Turns out that following US fund flows into the racist neocon long-Germany trade wouldn't have made you much money this year. And now it looks like that market is going right back down where it came from.

Meanwhile Japan continues putting out data that suggests Abenomics may work, despite all that "OMG money-printing!"* nonsense you hear from people who don't know what causes a 20-year depression.

I wonder where all that hot US money is going to reallocate to, now that the Europe trade is dead?

They've even used the word "money-printing!!1!" in the first-year macro class I'm taking now. I wanted to embarrass the prof by putting my hand up and asking "are they talking M1+ or M2? Did someone change the reserve ratio? Why have banks all of a sudden increased lending? Why hasn't it showed up in inflation" but she's only a sessional, it would have only been met with stony silence.

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