Thursday, May 14, 2015

Will Dalradian pop next?


It sure spent a long time consolidating on chickenshit volume. But now it looks like it wants to pop through the SMA(50) and blow through the upper Bollinger.

I've been following the L2 for months, and it seems you can't buy into this stock if you're not prepared to pay significantly higher than $1.

Certainly I'm not going to give up my... dunno, 25000 shares or so.

There's a cup and handle on the weekly candles:

Which, on a breakout, should target anywhere from $1.40 to $2, depending whether you want to ignore the November collapse below $0.60, or ignore the February pop through $1, and whatever the top and bottom of this formation are.

I guess you really have to ask yourself if we've seen sub-$1200 gold for the last time.


  1. That last question, answer no. Very unlikely. And so it goes.

    Though as a fellow long in DNA, i think it's waking up after a longish slumber, too.