Thursday, May 14, 2015


Facebook - Jeff Berwick, Libertarian Party of Canada candidate for Vancouver Centre. Wait, what?

Um, Jeff, newsflash: you've been living in Acapulco for the past few years. You're not even really a Canadian. You don't pay Canadian taxes.

Seriously, Jeff, I thought that to run as a candidate you have to own property in the riding. (BTW - you can buy something like a severed alleyway or a daylighting triangle for $2000 and that counts.)

Here's a 25 minute interview with Jeff about his amazing announcement!

I was especially shocked at hearing the Communists won in Alberta. I thought it was the NDP.

But anyway Jeff, in all seriousness: good luck and give it all you got. There are some real odious, hateful cunts in the Libertarian Party up here (I've dealt with one personally), and a nice guy like you would provide a great counter-example.

Plus you're just so damn crazy, we need more people like you in the races to provide a good solid cockpunch to the established parties.

Now, the Libertarians got a whole 6017 votes in the last federal election. That's 6017, nationwide. But, I'm really not joking here, if Jeff came up and really committed to spreading the message, went door-to-door, talked to people on the streets, got on TV? He could get double that vote count just on his own. This is the job he was made for.

In fact, he's even a step up from the Libertarians' damp cloth of a leader, Tim Moen:

This guy can't even finish a sentence, Jeff! It's about time you came back to your homeland and established a Libertarian party that would make the earth tremble. And I'm not just saying that because you'd take votes away from Harper. But that's a good thing too.

Don't hate the government, Jeff! Become the government!

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  1. Jeff just wants to liberate the 80 medical pot shops in Vancouver, consolidate them all and go public with them all under the guise of public service.

    Btw don't these guys not believe in government?