Thursday, May 14, 2015

Some evening news and personal news

Well, so my ex-employers phoned me, they want me to come back for the summer on a limited contract.

I have a brother who's a retired engineer of some repute (past head of an association, testified several times at Queens Park committees) and he says a serious offer from them would be $50-$70/hr.

Which you might think is nuts, but then again their other option is to farm the work out to a subconsultant who will charge them well more than $70/hr. So their choice, really, is how much of the fee they want to keep in the company, right?

So we'll see what the offer is. It'll interfere a bit with school, but I'll see what I can do.

Anyway, here's more news:

Calculated Risk - weekly initial claims 4-week average lowest in FIFTEEN YEARS. And yet Wall Street Whitey piddles his panties at a "topping pattern". Case in point:

Bespoke - bullish sentiment drops to lowest in more than two years. God dammit whitey you sure are a fucking sissy. I mean look at this:

That is precisely what happens when fathers fail to sufficiently beat their children: they turn into goddamn sissies.

BI - Wall Street's newest worry: what if everything turns out okay? Oh god Linette, please fucking quit that job before they fry your brain permanently. Phone up Mamta and see if she can get you something better. I mean, fuck:
All of Wall Street has been waiting for what happens when the Federal Reserve raises rates and the bond market becomes attractive again.

For years it has been thought of as the next cataclysmic event in investing.

But what if it isn't? What if everything is going to be fine?
Gee! Good point! What if the fucking Federal Reserve doesn't purposefully destroy the American economy? What if they know exactly what they're doing, unlike the thousands of uneducated idiot Republican clowns who criticize their every move? What if the Fed wants to make the American economy strong, unlike the Republicans who want to purposefully destroy America?

Goddammit Linette, do you know that every time the vomit wells up in the back of your throat, it's destroying your tooth enamel? Is BI at least covering your dental?

HuffPo - defend the workers before voting fast track. Jeffrey Sachs has a point:
The president portrays TPP and TTIP as part of an overall program of "middle-class economics" in which "everybody gets a fair shot, everyone does his fair share, and everybody plays by the same set of rules." That means "making sure that everybody has got a good education," "women are getting paid the same as men for doing the same work," "making sure that folks have to have sick leave and family leave," and "increasing the minimum wage across the country." It means pushing for investments in infrastructure and faster Internet.

The problem, however, is that the president has not succeeded in getting any of those middle-class policies in place. We live in an economy in which the middle class is actually shrinking; good education is for the affluent, not the poor; there is no guaranteed sick leave or family leave; the Highway Trust Fund is bankrupt; and the minimum wage is stuck below a living wage. That is the actual economy into which the president now wants to introduce TPP and TTIP.
Damn right. For the past 35 years, the US government has wages war on the workers, so why should anyone be surprised that all the benefits of new deals flow only to corporations, who then stash the money in offshore tax havens? Tell us again why anyone should support anything this government does?

That's the problem with "democracy": once in a while the people who you've been fucking in the ass get a chance to vote against more of the same.

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