Tuesday, May 26, 2015

In place of the news....

Not much to see today... gold dropped below US$1200, but only because USD popped. The subsequent further drop in gold is Americans selling because they still don't understand what this chart means:

And I'm through spainin'.

And of course the US markets have to dump 1% because nondefense capital goods gave us a good print. They must think this is the first of many good prints, just like last year after winter, and therefore sell because reasons, and even because potato.

You don't really need the news when you've got the stupid.

So, in place of the news, I've made a shocking discovery that I'd like to share with you.

This is Ray Liotta in the Lovers on the Sun video:

And this is Brent Cook:

Again, Ray Liotta:

Brent Cook:



The jury's delivered its verdict, Cookie. Grow your beard long, get yerself a black ten-gallon hat and a silver six-shooter, and quit with the suits already.

I mean, it's lonely bein' the only murderous desperado in town.

Cue music!

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