Monday, May 11, 2015

A few more news bits

Three evening newsbits:

Bespoke - weakest year 3 since 1947. And yet? Bespoke does 30 seconds of number-crunching to show that the years that start off weakest end up strengthening. Basically, things return to the mean. So quit piddling your frilly pink panties, Whitey, and buy the fucking SPY.

Calculated Risk - demographics, unemployment and inflation. I think this is proof that Bill McBride reads my blog.

BI - hedge funds are miles ahead of individual investors when it comes to one crucial piece of market data. Again with the unfree market giving an information advantage to some classes over others, thus resulting in more extraction of rents by the kleptocracy. And yet? With access to this "one crucial piece of market data", why are 90% of hedge funds underperforming SPY? Maybe we can just ignore short interest from now on, since it's obviously not a way to make money?

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