Thursday, April 23, 2015

Yawn, Frank Giustra, yawn

IKN - OMG I just found out Frank Giustra hangs out with the Clintons! You're a little late to the frickin' party, dude! Check out the following:

NYT Jan 2008 - after mining deal, financier donated to Clinton. And its rebuttal:

Forbes Jan 2009 - Clinton commits no foul in Kazakhstan uranium deal.

The real news story here is that because Sarah McLachlan, via her bf Geoff Courtnall, is now hanging out with all these junior mining people:

and because Hitlary (ha ha! Was I the first to use that? Oh I'm so clever!) really faces no competition for the presidency, certainly not from the gene-pool rejects on the loony right wing, this means that Sarah, via Frank, will soon be in a position to influence American policy regarding abused puppies.


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