Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thursday morning news

I might have to be away all today... damn stupid university isn't charging me for tuition for the summer and I have to sort it out before the payment deadline.

Oh, and I'm reading the Canadian edition of Mankiw's into macro textbook. Because I have my eyes open, I'm finding neocon/plutocrat disinformation and propaganda on every single page. Not "differences of opinion in economics", but actual disinfo, propaganda and swipes at "leftist" mainstream economics.

So, I'm sorry Mr. academic economics profession, but your collegiate respect for Mankiw is completely unearned and misplaced. You're supporting a fucking clown who's still campaigning for that klepto-plutocrat Romney, and by that association you're whoring your profession out to thieves and fascists. I'm almost driven to do a page-by-page analysis of his textbook here on this blog - or maybe on another blog - just to illustrate exactly how much of a propaganda hit-piece his shitty economics textbook really is.

Anyway, here's the news:

New Deal Demoncrat - Q1 GDP poor, as expected. He knew it was going to be crap, here's the details. And as for economic surprises? There are no more from this point forward, thanks to the Atlanta Fed GDPNow calculator.

Tim Duy - FOMC commentary. As noted, there is none needed.

WSJ RTE - thoughts from the Fed statement. Read it only to understand what the takeaway has been for the idiots who were too fucking stupid to sit down and read Rosengren.

The Guardian - Krugman on austerity. Very long piece that is essential reading. Kruggers trying to influence the UK election, though he kinda ignores that every major UK party now is blathering the austerity bullshit: none of the parties perceive reality anymore.

Econospeak - truthiness, media framing and the political economy of economics. Economics says things the real world will never hear, because what they're saying is dissonant with the belief system of the plutocratic elite who control the media.

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