Monday, April 27, 2015

Some morning news

Here's some general reading:

New Deal Demoncrat - weekly indicators. Rail is good, consumer spending is good, tax withholding is still beautiful. Quit piddling yourself, now's the time to go long.

Econospeak - good to know EU negotiations are focusing on the important stuff. Quote:
Reports out of Riga about the negotiations between Greece and other Eurozone members have been rather curious. There has been much emphasis on how the other fin ministers do not like or get along with Yanis Varoufakis, the Greek one. He did not go to dinner with them. He is the only one not wearing a tie. Draghi does not look him in the eye. Djesselbloem calls him by his first name in person and refers to him as "the Greek finance minister" when not in person. The others do not like him "lecturing" them with his British education and his time in Australia, and, gosh darn it, why does he not just up and accept their demands for full austerity for Greece!

It looks like this is more about him breaking the rules of a fraternity than about seriously coming to an agreement that most observers think is not that far away. Time for these clowns to grow up.
Better proof of the plutocrats' utter disinterest in good governance you won't find. They're all in it for themselves, and it makes you pine for the good ol' days when the masses would rise up and kill a few thousand of the bastards to get their attention.

Groda - Buffy the Eurocrisis. It's only funny if you're very familiar with the plot of Buffy TVS.

The National - loonies liven UK election. Hey, Bez from Happy Mondays is running in Manchester! Why can't we have something like this in Canada? I need to look into starting an Illuminati World Enslavement Party. Then we could have this:

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