Thursday, April 30, 2015

Kitco news and Rick Rule again

Rick Rule got interviewed by Our Daniela again. Comments after the video:

My observations:

1. Rick Rule hasn't heard of the secular stagnation argument;
2. Rick Rule thinks gold has something to do with white people;
3. Rick Rule is too stupid to understand Yellen's and Rosengren's explicit forward guidance yet he thinks he's smarter than the Fed;
4. Rick Rule's office looks hellaboring; and of course
5. Rick Rule sure darn well loves to hear himself speak.

As for Daniela, she's wearing a deceptively simple blouse that nevertheless really manages to pop her skin tone quite nicely. Good work!

I see gold has puked $15 instantaneously on the good US unemployment numbers; I'm going to fade the obvious robot attack. More news in a bit.

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