Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Holy cow a Bill Bissett documentary

Wow, the NFB did a documentary on Bill Bissett, Canada's greatest living poet as far as I know, not like I have followed the scene in about 25 years.

My public library had a stack of something like 30 or 40 books of his, no lie, including a lot of the stuff he apparently hand-made while in prison. I read most of what they had.

I even got to see him live, back when I was a teenager. He's got an amazing voice to listen to in person.

And what's best, with all the other people falling away, Bill Bissett is still alive. Even crazier, apparently he's in his mid-70s but he's the person uploading this stuff on Youtube.

Here's a young kid reading one of his good ones, don't worry yr hair:

He kinda gets it, but he gets too fast and too angry compared to Bill, but whatever.

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