Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Further to the previous, DAYUM Mari Saito is DAYUM

Damn I've found a new interest.

Flexible Mute Girl (aka Shizuka McBritches) is Mari Saito, and... dayum, she is just... dayum.

Way more exciting to watch than Lionel frickin' Messi.

In fact, here she is in a bikini, for no reason:

No kidding, you clicked through?


Here she is fighting some dude:

Here she is as a ninja with a sword way too big for her that she doesn't even seem to be holding properly:

Here she is as an unsuccessful schoolgirl ninja:

Mari Saito, please oh please tell us about your investment portfolio!


  1. Someone seems to be taking full advantage of not being behind a corporate firewall anymore...

    1. Damn right! Hot martial arts chicks are the chocolate ice cream of freedom!

      Or something!