Thursday, April 23, 2015

And yet again, some evening news

I bought a fancy 10" tablet for extra-cheap today, for reading.

And I'm finally getting registered to start my economics degree this summer. One year for a BA, a second year for the Honours BA, and then I'll start my investment newsletter. Ha! That'll be fun.

Til then, here's yet more news:

Bespoke - little sentiment change despite A GODDAMN ALLTIME NEW HIGH. Do you think these AAII numbers will change now?

New Deal Demoncrat - it really was the weather and the oil patch. In case you've been reading some clueless blogger who's been sarcastically mocking the idea that Q1 weakness was due to the oil patch and the weather, NDD provides you with actual hard data. You can go with the smarmy idiot blogger, or you can go with real data: it's up to you.

Vox EU - secular stagnation in the US. Quote:
Causes of US secular supply stagnation

Four factors account for the stagnation of purchasing power in the US economy: 1) declining labour share; 2) depleted capital; 3) reduced productivity growth; and 4) declining labour-force participation. I will discuss indexes that capture each of these factors in turn using indices that all start at unity in 1989. An index of total purchasing power from earnings is the result of multiplying the four indexes together.
I'll take (1), Alex. (2) is merely caused by (1), (4) is a result of (1) signalling to workers that they may as well not bother working because nobody's going to be paying them a living wage, and (3) is the result of the victory of the kleptocrats generally - which is also the main cause of (1).

Rortybomb - short-termism in the market. And short-termism is also caused by the victory of Republican kleptocrats.

Y'know, maybe someday Summers and K-dog and all them will fucking realize that this SecStag story is just another word for the economic destruction wrought by idiot Republican policy and kleptocratic rentierism. Then maybe those fucking bourgeois pretenders can join me on the real left wing.


  1. On your Rortybomb comment. 1st time I heard it put so succinctly.

  2. hahaha! He thinks he needs to have a formal qualification to be a newsletter writer!! hahahahaha!!!

    1. hahaha! He thinks he needs to care about other people to be a newsletter writer!! hahahahaha!!!