Tuesday, March 3, 2015

WHO IS OTTO ROCK? The answer may shock you!

People really want to know who he is! Here's a search from Dow Jones:

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So why would someone from Dow Jones & Company want to put themselves in danger just to find out who Otto Rock is?

Especially when they should be asking who I am. That's the question on everyone's mind nowadays: I'm that fuckin' up-and-comer whose blog shakes the balls of Bay Street and puts the panty-piddling Wall Street bloggers to shame. White-ass honky Nazi cracker tries to block me in all the company internet filters cos he can't handle my truth gettin' out but my secret following of anti-capitalist warriors just switches to myownmarketnarrative.blogspot.mx or .ua or .ch, or they follow me on their own smartphone, just to sit on my every fucking word yo.

Cos I be the homey that called the January gold pop, and I be the homey that called Blackberry, and still all the bitches be hatin' but here I am still slappin' my thing down.

And the fat pasty White-ass honky crackers like Josh Brown and Barry Ritholtz? I don't follow them bitches, yo. They be fuckin' livejournal, but me I'm that next shit that your girlfriend is beggin' for. Whole fuckin' internet be hangin' off my dick by springtime and WSJ just wishes their Nazi racist asses could participate but I don't go on the down-low with fucking Reaganite race-war bitches.

So sure, keep googling "Who is Otto Rock". Nice to see the homeboy getting some attention. But don't you bitches forget he's a candle, but I'm the infinite blackness behind it.


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