Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Two goldbug charts and Crackberry


Whitey sure seems to want to piddle his little frilly pink panties, and yet BBRY is still flying high. Damn I want to buy more now: 4 days above the Boll mean on Google news means this has a way to go, and the weekly chart suggests to me that it could hit $20.


GDX's action, turning back from the Boll mean but then staying supported at the SMA(50), is positive. Damn I look at that action of the past few days and it's so tempting.

I know it's PDAC and we're supposed to dump and not come back til June. Then again, whoever's left in the gold miner market also knows this, and is probably dumping, and yet this is all the damage it can do to the chart?


GLD has popped above the EMA(6) which governed the Jan-Feb downtrend, which if you'll remember is a 50% retrace of the January gold ex-USD pop. It's also riding the Nov-Feb uptrend support line, and if you see a higher low that's doing a good job of not breaking down then it might just be a good price point to buy, right?

Hard to tell what to do. But the charts are showing me opportunities and I like that.

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