Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Some morning news

And here's various other readings:

Brett Steenbarger - new views for the market this week. He says the big -2SD spike down in stocks that we saw on Friday usually continues with more downside to come. Tangentially, I'm getting sick of reading his blog.

Reuters - China takes lessons from Japan on economics. This is why you should all quit worrying about China:
Chinese regulators are turning to Japan for lessons on economic history, determined to keep the world’s second biggest economy from taking the same path of recession and deflation that has blighted its neighbor for the past 20 years.

Beijing views Tokyo's handling of the liberalization of capital flows and the yen over 30 years ago as key factors that led to the creation and subsequent bust of the asset bubble in Japan in the early 1990s, according to Japanese government and other sources who are in direct contact with Chinese regulators.

“They aren’t a single bit interested in Japan’s successes. Their biggest interest is in Japan’s mistakes,” one China-based source who is directly in touch with Chinese regulators told Reuters on condition of anonymity.

"Japanese and Chinese economies do share many similarities, so I assume there is quite a lot to learn from our experiences."

Chinese policymakers and analysts at government think-tanks are already well versed in the experiences of Japan and other countries, and the sources say two-way communication at both government and private-sector level continued even through a chill in diplomatic ties after a territorial spat in 2012.
This is why you should all stop assuming that China's leaders are as fucking retarded as the Republican Party in the US.

the Province - Chinese police run secret operations in BC to hunt down corrupt officials. Apparently, all of BC's wealth is built on corruption and money-laundering. Which explains why they vote Conservative over there nowadays.

Mining.com - Chile launches national program to boost mining productivity. Well, they should be successful at it, since mining is about the only fucking thing they do in Chile: all they have down there is copper and 9.0 earthquakes.

Mining.com - hedge funds cut bullish bets on commodities to lowest since March 2009. And what happened to commodities after March 2009? And how smart are hedge funds when they all have been underperforming the S&P 500 regularly for years?

Daily Telegraph - Greece's foreign minister threatens to send migrants and jihadis to Europe. I'm okay with this: the guy is simply reminding Europe that they need Greece more than Greece needs them. And frankly, he could have stopped at "migrants": if there's one thing the fucking Dutch and Germans and Austrians and British all hate, it's immigrants seeking a better life who are brown.

der Spargel - here's what the glorious People's Republic of Donetsk is like. That's some fine nation-building there, Pooty-Poot. It's as if you don't really give a shit.

The Society Pages - a sociological study on farting. I wonder what Georg Simmel would have had to say about this.

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