Friday, March 27, 2015

Some evening news

Simon Wren-Lewis - defending the public from policy entrepreneurs. Why call them "policy entrepreneurs" when you should be calling them plutocratic disinformation agents? As Krugman notes, sometimes you've got to call a scumbag a scumbag.

FT Alphaville - Dette er nødder. Hvornår er styrtet? Apparently, there's a housing bubble forming in Denmark because of the crazy-low interest rates in the EU. Except it's not because of the crazy-low interest rates: it's because the Euro centre doesn't want to undergo internal up-valuation to balance money flows, instead using the devaluation at the periphery to fund its own fiscal austerity, and thus forming massive real estate bubbles.

Don't worry, Germany! Soon you'll get your own real estate bubble! I hope it fucks you all in the asses.

Radio Free Europe - here's where all Zerohedge's content comes from. Another story on Russia's troll army, a KGB-funded disinformation group who post the Russian propaganda you read on Zerohedge, Fox News, Infowars, Prison Planet, Yahoo and Facebook, as well as all the Russian websites.

Speaking of which, here's a video on the subject:

Funny thing is, the Republican echo chamber is full of these Russian agents.

But I guess Republicans are too fucking stupid to protect themselves from being used as puppets of a foreign fascist state.

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