Tuesday, March 3, 2015

REMINDER: Tuesday 2:40 PM, PDAC Room 801B: The Clive takes on all comers

PDAC - Tuesday afternoon PDAC investor forum schedule. There's The Clive, ready to take your questions today at 2:40 PM.

I will give a shiny one-ounce silver coin to the person who goes to this session and manages to ask Clive a question prefaced with any of the following:

1. "Please don't hit me, but...";

2. "Before you stumble out of here in a drunken stupor and attack someone again, I'd like to ask...";

3. "I have a two-part question. Firstly, how does it feel when Dan 'The Hammer' Earle smacks you down like the pussy bitch you are, and secondly...".

Recorded proof required, and yes dammit I'll happily post it here.


  1. For the record, The Clive didn't show.

    1. Probably couldn't get past security given his record of violence.