Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Morning news

Not much worth reading til the Götterdämmerung this afternoon, but here's what I've scraped off the floor in the past 24 hours:

New Deal Demoncrat - US consumer prices may have dropped by 1.2% in Feb. He notes this means that real retail sales actually went up 0.4% in Feb. Which, well, I still can't see how unadjusted sales being down is still a good thing.

Reuters - German union calls for higher public sector wages. Which is what they need to be given, and quickly, in order to fight deflation and constructively balance productivity across Europe.

Reuters - Indian CAD below 1% in 2015 says Jaitley. So that'll reduce pressure on the government to crush gold imports. Yay oil! - top gold producer's margins are getting squeezed. Here's a chart of "all-in sustaining costs":

Now tell me how gold's price can drop below $1000 and we'll still have gold being produced.

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