Thursday, March 26, 2015

Market comment

OK, so yesterday morning I sold my HSU, and then the market went lower.

But this morning I bought back half at 4-5% less. I figure the market should be at a higher price someday, and me earning an extra 4-5% over a SPY buy-and-hold strategy is good.

As well, NSC is -3SD and $TRAN is <-2SD, so this is a bit of a silly selloff.

And the economic surprise index is low and we already know there was bad data in February.

And we already had four selloffs to S&P=2000 in the last 3 months. So there's fresh money in at that point.

And this selling this week might just be end-quarter rebalancing. Plus some fear of the biotech selloff, which is silly, plus some repositioning now that Whitey's scared he might be on the wrong side of the US dollar trade.

I still have cash, so I can always double down to fill my S&P long if things go 3-4% lower. Also, because VIX futures are still strongly contangoed, I even have the option of waiting and then buying a short VIX ETF later in a selloff if $VIX goes significantly higher.

I see SPY just had a 9:50AM reversal. Good, go lower and I'll buy more.

I'm agnostic on gold.

But yeah sure I still own some Dalradian.

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