Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Krugman on Mankiw

So, in an attempt to inoculate myself against Mankiw for when I have to read his textbook this summer, I've been looking for everything Krugman has to say about him.

And boy oh boy it's not good. It's not just professional disagreement: phrases are used such as "bogus claims", "deliberate obtuseness", "oddly oblivious", "pretending to be stupid", "assuming your conclusions", "either remarkably ignorant or simply disingenuous", "smuggled in on the pretense", "inequality’s apologist", "crusade of cockroaches", and even "Has Greg been living in a cave since 2006?".

Not that I have anything wrong with Krugginator's attitude, because as it turns out Mankiw really does believe in Mitt Romney's program of re-enslaving the masses under a new feudalism to provide more soylent green for the capitalist plutocratic class.

So here's a smattering of Krugger's opinion pieces mentioning Mankiw:*

24 Aug 08 - the Tax Foundation is not a reliable source.

3 Mar 09 - roots of evil.

21 Jun 09 - live long and prosper.

28 Jun 09 - health care is not a bowl of cherries.

12 Aug 09 - concern trolls.

28 Aug 09 - heredity, environment, justice.

2 Nov 09 - no saving grace 2.

23 Jun 11 - a fit of peaks.

23 Jul 11 - profiles in un-courage.

22 Jun 13 - Greg Mankiw and the Gatsby Curve.

16 Feb 14 - Iron Men of Wall Street.

27 Mar 14 - too much faith in models, capital taxation edition.

22 Apr 14 - inequality 1992.

24 Jun 14 - sympathy for the trustafarians.

* - and note that I can read as many NYT articles a month as I damn well want - thanks to Ghostery, Adblock Plus and NoScript.

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