Monday, March 16, 2015

IS THE MOON REAL? you won't believe what you need to know next!

Here's some news:

FT Alphaville - this Euro depreciation thing is getting stupid. Yeah, and I called it days before you did, Keohane.

IKN - I love Clive Johnson. IKN defends B2Clive. One mean drunk deserves another, I guess. - hedge funds super bearish gold now. Great! Now I can watch them all get raped on Wednesday afternoon when the Fed releases its statement.

Gawker - is the moon real, or just a Jewish Illuminati conspiracy? Here's a great example of the arguments put forth about the nonexistence of the moon:
Do an experiment: take a rubber ball and suspend it above a bathtub full of water. Now slowly move the ball closer to the water. Does the level of the water change? Not even slightly. So much for the tides myth.
Study it out, libtards!

Business Insider - Argentina, Iran, Venezuela conspiracy revealed to trade nuclear secrets for... I dunno, coke and sex and... sex? Wow. Just wow. Argentina really does do cray-cray better than any other country.


  1. The moon link is Quality TV. All who click through must get to at least "...David Icke was interviewed by Dutch radio personality Willem de Ridder, who asked him on camera to explain his theory about the moon..."

    Fine opportunity to revisit this, too:

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