Monday, March 30, 2015

In which I gain a new appreciation for the British

This is hilarious.

Viewpoint - here's why Oisin Tymon didn't report Jeremy Clarkson. A summary of social media comments on the unknown face recently punched by Jeremy Clarkson, which re-earn my respect for the British, including:

Oisin Tymon you irish twat I can say I'm irish too cop the hell on grow up you knew what Jeremy was like big pussy
— jigglyass (@jigglyass1) March 25, 2015

So Oisin Tymon got a slap for being lairy then drove himself to A&E then squealed like a bitch... thats a coward right there
— British Baldy (@chrisbrennan10) March 25, 2015

@BBC_TopGear Oisin Tymon is a complete pussy bitch, he went to a&e cause of a burst lip. Grow a set of balls u stupid dog dick licking bitch
— Peter richardson (@peter_oz1985) March 25, 2015

I have one question... what the hell is "lairy"?

I agree btw with mocking someone going to emergency with a split lip. Why not leave emergency for heart attack and stroke victims, you selfish cunts? Shit, I walked off a torn ACL/MCL/meniscus once and a broken elbow another time. What the fuck are they teaching their children today in Ireland?

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  1. Lairy is aggressive, confrontational. But it's also a testosterone word, a male vs male ego clash situation. So more precisely, if some dude is deliberately trying to make you angry in order to cause a scene, they're being lairy.