Thursday, March 12, 2015

I'm bored

USD seems to have stopped its impetuous advance, which should mean the US equities starting to move back up, and HYG is looking safe, but the gold miners are still puking after yesterday's short covering.

So with no news of importance, let's watch some classic commercials.

First, here's Joe Leduc and the Kelly Twins with a classic:

And here's the Spumante Bambino commercial for which many thousands of kittens died in my teenage years:

Sherry Miller is a Canadian, btw.

As is, strangely, another commercial hottie from the 80s, Roberta Weiss:

For the autistic readers, here's a whole 20 minute video of 1980s commercials, with guest spots by John Denver, the Skipper, and I think the chick below in the preview is Brooke Shields?:

It's amazing how much kissing there was in commercials in the 80s.

Nobody kisses each other now. I blame the Republicans. Who wants to kiss anyone in this new era of race-hatred and fundamentalist totalitarianism?

There is even a 4 hour video at Youtube, full of absolutely nothing but commercials. Because the internet has absolutely everything.

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