Sunday, March 29, 2015

Doing my bit to fight German oppression

So up here in Canada, thanks to Prime Minister Pedosmile Sweatervest's decade-long effort to make Alberta the center of the Canadian economy, the recent collapse in the Canadian dollar has left us consumers to be fucked up the ass. Prices have already gone up 25% or more at the grocery store, since there are no longer any Canadian manufacturers of foodstuffs due to Conservative party policy.

Well, so imagine my surprise when I saw 1kg jars of honey on sale for $6.99! That's half the price of what we have to pay for American honey, or for Canadian honey that prices itself at the same price as American honey.

And it turns out, this honey is made in Greece.

I guess Europeans have a fantastic chance right now to undercut American goods at the stores, since their Euro has dropped just as much as the Canadian dollar.

So, I'm happy to support Greek beekeepers with my shopper's dollar, similar to how I've already been supporting Portuguese and Spanish winemakers except that now the fucking LCBO seems to have placed punitive taxes on Spanish and Portuguese wine in an attempt to make their prices more "competitive" with cheap Ontario garbage that I would never touch in a fucking lifetime.

As for the rest of the world: see if you can export more goods to Canada, okay? Our food manufacturing industry has been completely eliminated, so it's not like we can produce our own products anymore; and American goods have now become especially uncompetitive in our stores, so here's your opportunity to exploit a brand new market!

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