Thursday, March 5, 2015

Daniela Daniela Daniela! And a bunch of other people too but it's hard to get as worked up about them

Here's Daniela Cambone interviewing Martin Murenbeeld:

He talks about his gold price models and how he post-hoc doctors them, and how he doesn't see anything wrong with that, especially the idea that the Crimea situation added $20 to the gold price which is funny cos who the fuck buys gold because of Crimea and which of them are going to buy more gold because of Donetsk?

Pretty useless.

But he does say that he and the people he hangs out with thinks now is a good time to get back into miners, which is significant cos that's the mainstream there.

Here's Daniela Cambone interviewing Jeffrey Christian:

He injects some reality in the blather about "manipulation". And he thinks the gold price will quiet down for the next few months. Rather sensible fellow.

And here's Daniela Cambone interviewing The Cookie Monster:

And for some silly reason he thinks that declining primary gold production won't do anything to the price of gold.


  1. How about the Daniela/botox king Neumeyer interview..he keeps pumping triple digit silver..only time I have seen triple digit silver is on the Canada Mint Site.