Friday, March 27, 2015

Crackberry, Royal Bank, ha ha Verdmont, and so on

I decided to be like any other ignorant blogger who thinks he has a clue, and I bought some Blackberry yesterday on its morning drop. Nothing major, just $5K worth.

I didn't even know they would be reporting after the close. What a dummy! What a maroon!

At this second they're up 5% from yesterday's close.

It's a grossly volatile stock intraday, and heck for all I know the past 2 weeks' price collapse had nothing to do with humungous shorting heading into earnings, but I think I'll hold on to see how far it might go back up today.

The only real reason I ever buy it is because a few months ago I saw some old guy with a smigden of business sense (unlike most talking heads today) somewhere like CNBC saying he thinks this young Chen fellow is turning the company around.

Who knows, maybe I'll sell my and plow my money into Royal Bank again. About time for me to mock Verdmont some more.

Oh, speaking of which, my own bank just sent me a folder explaining all the places they're going to be jacking up costs for account holders again. And Royal Bank upped their interac charge for cross-bank ATM withdrawals to $3.

Again, Verdmont, the Canadian banks don't care about the tar sands. They make all their money fucking over Canadian peasants, just as they have done for decades.

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