Monday, March 2, 2015

Crackberry is on crack, Barry, and stuff about my life

Dammit all it just keeps going up doesn't it:

And dumbass me, I bought a whole pile of this thinking it was Burberry.

Ha ha, no, just kidding.

It's kinda freaky that in my first 2 months of this year I've turned around about an 8% profit on my total capital on closed trades, with another 3% still on the table. Maybe I should be unemployed more often! I almost don't want to go to university, since that might get in the way of trading.

Then again, it might make me trade less, which I still have to learn to do if I want to make more money on my trades. Things have been easy, but that 8% could have been 20% if I'd just held trades longer.

See, there's an appropriate time to protect your gains, but there's also an appropriate time to be ultra-aggressive. The problem is that a few months of a tough market (or a few years in the case of miners) can make you inappropriately conservative, and I just have to get that into my head.

Anyway, today I have to address a lingering problem with my power supply, and am wondering what do:

1. Buy a new ATX supply. No big deal, $40-$50, but installing it is a bit of a bitch. I really hate having to connect the motherboard, because the connector is so far in there and I don't want to have to remove the video card and HDs just to reach it.

2. Buy the new ATX supply and also a new 64-bit OS. I'm still running a 32-bit Vista, which means my Civ 4 with ROM mod and gigantic map crashes after the gamefile gets a certain size because it needs >3GB. Problem is, I am very frightened of the work involved in upgrading my OS: I always think it'll fuck everything up, or at a minimum that I'll have to reinstall utterly evarrrything.

3. Buy a new computer. Thing is this one seems to only be 6 years old, and that's a little too early.

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