Monday, March 2, 2015

And as for Minera IRL....

What the heck is Canaccord doing buying up every single share of Minera IRL?

After the Feb spike-n-puke I bought scads of shares at 6 cents, probably because I secretly want to destroy all the gains I made in the market in January.

But lo and behold, Canaccord has been buying every single share: first by sitting on the bid, and today by even hitting the ask once in a while.

I guess instead of asking "why the hell is Canaccord trying to corner the market in IRL", I should instead ask "why the hell is Dundee puking all these shares and where the hell are they coming from anyway", since it's Dundee who's been selling to them all this time.

Is this just a market maker switchover?

Oh well... it's a 25% win for me if I can dump at 7.5 cents, or then again maybe I want to hold because god forbid some news might actually come out of this dog someday.

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