Friday, March 13, 2015

Advertising for vodka, cos whitey motherfucker can't handle my shit yo

Now that I've thrown off the shackles of fucking Google ads, and I've just come down with a cold for the first time this season, I'd like to put in a plug:

Tag No. 5 is a simply beautiful Ontario vodka (none of that mafia Russian chickenshit, as if the fuckers even invented vodka). It's gentle and pure on the first sip but still burns your throat and gets you pissed on repeated usage. Recommended for when you've got a cold, because viruses flee when presented with a good vodka.

Apparently easy to find at every LCBO, my nearest is crap but even they have it.

I wasn't paid for this plug, but if the distillery wants to deliver me a case in thanks for the plug it'd be quite appreciated so please leave your contact info in the comments box below.

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