Thursday, February 12, 2015

Using IKN for due diligence - Cordoba drills Colombia’s next copper-gold porphyry belt. Tommy Humphreys says Cordoba is awesome! I mean just check this out!:

[Cordoba] shares are bumping along at 52-week lows, barely above cash levels.

The company, meanwhile, has tapped into top geological talent to assemble and lock up what looks like an emerging copper-gold porphyry belt in an underexplored part of northern Colombia.

Awesome! Trading at cash, copper-gold porphyry? Awesome! Tell me more, Tommy!

It's early, but all indications show evidence of multiple copper-gold porphyrys on the 26,000 hectare San Matias property.

Awesome! Not just one, but multiple! It gets significantly more awesome as the telling progresses! Tell me yet more, Tommy!

Continental, run by Ari Sussman, is developing the high-grade Buritica gold project to the south – one of Colombia's most exciting gold projects – and owns about 5.7% of Cordoba's shares. Sussman is also Cordoba's chairman.

Uhh... okay, so I googled Ari Sussman and came up with

IKN - Ari Sussman and Vic Wall playing it fast and loose again

which reminds me that they were the ones who built what ultimately amounted to an expensive underground river system for Colossus Minerals.

Well, maybe that was all the geo's fault and he's not involv-

The geologist is porphyry expert Vic Wall, co-winner of the 2001 Goldcorp Challenge, in his corner. Wall, who has 30-plus years of geological experience, is a special advisor to Cordoba and a technical sounding board for Grainger.

Uh oh.

IKN - The main problem with Continental Gold's ( new resource count at Buritica...

So this new Cordoba Minerals isn't such a great deal after all, Tommy?

Then again I guess even if it's just an empty pump job you can still make money off of i-

Wow. That's about 2 million shares traded and the needle still hasn't budged. Where's the excitement?

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