Monday, February 23, 2015

Judging gold's moves by watching silver. And, erm, gold.

So China is still on holiday.

So what a great time for gold to get puked below $1200 on late-night trade.

But it's recovered already. That's interesting point #1.

But what's very interesting to me is that silver is up 1.3% this moment. It's interesting because I like to use silver as a tell for gold.

So really, despite the whole PDAC curse thing and the whole buy-US-sell-gold thing and the whole look-Greece-is-so-fixed-now we-sure-showed-them-Commies thing, I've got an antsy feeling making me want to buy all them gold miners who've just been puked down 20-30% this past couple weeks.

I'm not buying yet, but I sure am paying attention.

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