Friday, February 6, 2015

IS THIS WHY ALL HEDGE FUNDS UNDERPERFORM? the answer is more likely than you think!

Gee, those banks suck. I mean just take a look at the cha-

Wait... they don't suck now? I mean, they suck less than they used to, to the tune of a 10% gain in one fucking week?

Really, the big ones don't suck anymore either?

What brought this on, Whitey?

Oh, you mean you realized just now that it's stupid to buy UST10s at a 1.7% yield when you can buy bank ETFs at a 2% yield and expose yourself to 10 years of capital growth and dividend growth*?

What trends end next, Whitey? And are you going to try to get in front of the next one, or will you instead continue momoing til you're the last sucker on the wrong side of the boat?

* - OK sure, Bank of America truly sucks, and a lot of the other big banks suck, and none of them are in it for their shareholders or to follow the law, but even still, economic growth sometimes begets at least a bit of share price appreciation, and anything's better than locking in to 1.7% for 10 years.

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