Friday, February 27, 2015

I would like to register a complaint!

OK, this was funny:

IKN - A Babylonian would like to register a complaint. What's funny is that, even 3765 years ago, there were still people anal-retentive enough to sit down in front of a wet clay tablet, peck out four paragraphs of cuneiform, dry the damn thing in the sun and then deliver it, just so he could bitch about a crappy copper delivery.

You know the type. If there was a newspaper in existence back then he'd be writing them tablet after tablet complaining about the kids of today and their funny haircuts and if the Jews don't like our gods they can go back where they came from and what's with the schools teaching this "new masonry" and pi=3 was good enough for us when I was young and nobody needs to count past 59 unless they're up to some sort of mischief and when is the King going to do something about all these evil spirits and so on and so on.

Anyway, thanks to the Penn Museum cuneiform generator, we have an idea of what the response tablet might have looked like:



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