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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

How about some news?

Haven't been passing you much news, because there's really nothing going on, except of course for Greece and I don't want to pass on yet more completely uninformed, politically-motivated opinion: you've got that worthless clown Michelle Caruso Cabrera for that.

But here's a bit of stuff to read:

Bespoke - 2014 vs 2015. I have no doubt that Wall Street Whitey has already incorporated this into his trading narrative.

Crossing Wall Street - the great Jesse Livermore. His book was really good, btw.

FT Alphaville - crush the financial sector to end the great stagnation. No, the Financial Times hasn't suddenly decided to start fomenting Marxist revolution; rather, it's a summary of the BIS' new paper "why does financial sector growth crowd out real economic growth (pdf)", and it's a good read if you've been getting into Piketty. God forbid, I think we're starting to see pushback against the 35-year capitalist kleptocratic programme!

The Atlantic - what ISIS really wants. Long-form reading on ISIS. Did you know they're an apocalyptic doomsday cult? And did you know that this is what you get when you faithfully follow the holy books of any religion?


  1. "I don't want to pass on yet more completely uninformed, politically-motivated opinion"

    Isn't that just called 'news' now?

    1. That was the first comment on this blog in thirteen days.

    2. BTW if you have a son you should name him "Mini Cooper".

    3. BTW haven't finished it yet, but that Atlantic ISIS article is a good one.