Saturday, February 14, 2015

Ha ha, Sun "News" is dead

What a fantastic Valentine's Day present: Canada's community access cable version of Fox News has gone out of business.

CBC - Sun "News" shuts down.

Toronto Star - Sun "News" wasn't even a news channel.

iPolitics - the strange life and shabby death of SunTV.

And now Brian Lilley is going to have to find another job, with only a two-year diploma from Mohawk College. Hey Lilley! You're a fucking loser!

And now Ezra Levant has zero money behind him, so the next time he shoots his mouth off and stupidly libels someone on his pissant blog, he's going to have to pay out of his own pocket. Hey Ezra! You're a fucking loser!

And the great bit is?

I saw it coming. When the price of oil dropped below $50, I said that was it for the Canadian loony conservative brigade. This is only the first step: next is the Conservative party's collapse.

I can imagine Lilley this fall, in the basement with his wife and kids gone, on election night, railing on some stupid blog about the new Mulcair/Trudeau coalition government.

Er mah gerd! Sercialersm!

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