Monday, February 23, 2015

Four more significant US market charts

Four more charts I'm watching to help me figger where the US market's going:

 HYG is still slowly crawling upward so I'm not too concerned about the US market. This usually pukes when Wall Street Whitey gets a compulsion to sell everything. I'll happily sell my SPY and QQQ when HYG pukes.

Is that it for IEF's downward move? Looks like it. Then again, what does it matter to the US economy?

Oil shouldn't go down in late Feb because that's when refiners switch over to making summer gas, or at least that's what I remember reading somewhere. So this shouldn't drop much farther, supposedly, according to people I read who consider themselves traders.

Does USD go up from here? It's moved too damn far, in CAD terms anyway, so I can't see it. Then again, people should be selling EUR now that the Greece thing has been fixed, right? Off to their next trade?

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