Thursday, February 12, 2015

A thought about B2Gold....

Here's B2gold's pathetic chart:

And just like I said, it's going to be hard for B2 to maintain a US$2 price level, because that's the point where everyone who bought this stock since August 2010 is underwater. So it's going to run into massive selling resistance whenever it tries to move up.

But at the same time, they do (supposedly, I haven't looked, I'm relying on IKN for DD) make money, so if you do still believe that this is the bottom in gold, and if you think B2's only gone down because Clive got into a drunken fistfight and people hate gold miners and oh hey more shootings at Masbate now, then this is probably a better time to buy, not sell, right?

Cuz what the hell else could happen with these clowns? On the downside, not much, right? While on the upside, they might just decide to grow the fuck up and act like professional miners instead of a bunch of 55-year-old smart-ass silver-spoon brats.


Yes, I was talking to you, anonymous B2Gold person who's just flown in to Namibia.

Maybe the board has exiled Clive to Namibia to pound rocks for 6 months to build some character? Certainly they're going to have a hard time justifying letting him go to PDAC, since (according to my blog stats) every single brokerage in existence has now read all about his bitch-slap from Dan "The Hammer" Earle and if he shows his face at MTCC there will be quite a lot of snickering going on behind his back. Or even at his face.

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