Friday, January 16, 2015

The upcoming meeting with Davros

So apparently all the world leaders are getting together next week for a meeting with some guy named Davros?

I googled him, he seems like the type of guy to get things done.

Anyway, considering how much the stupid white people are piddling themselves right now about the danger of an imminent worldwide deflationary collapse (in the US, in Europe, now even in China, blah blah blah), do you think that the world leaders might come up with something co-ordinated to do about it at this big important upcoming meeting?

Or do you instead think that your favourite idiot pundit on TV is smarter than the leaders of the world?


  1. As for that last question, yeah I do in fact.

    1. Given you live in Peru, I guess a suitable followup question is: does she have big bewbs?