Friday, January 16, 2015


Again, sorry to keep pounding on this, but I said it was significant when I identified the possible trend, and it still is, and Wall Street Whitey don't want you to see this cos Wall Street Whitey's been hating on gold for two thousand years now, bitches.

Check this:

What this chart's saying is gold has gone up 10% this month.

It just hasn't gone up in Whitey's cracker-ass "dollars" is all. But in the rest of the world they can see the truth, and they're already on board, bitches, and they're sailing away while Whitey's cracker ass is still telling you lies.

Now let me show you what time it is, boyee:

What this chart's telling your powder-white punk ass is that in Europe, gold is now worth just as much as it was in May 2013 before that genocidal white racist motherfucker gave it that second slam to stomp it into the dirt.

That would be the same as Wall Street Whitey paying US$1400 for gold today.

Let that sink in, bitches: gold is selling for US$1400 right now in the Eurozone.

No it's not really, cos whitey's US dollar is lying to you, and it's lying to me, but in the EZ they've got the straight dope on gold, and so it's up 10% this month. But Whitey doesn't want you to know that there's this whole other country called Europe, cos he wants to keep you down.

Let Chuck D and Griff explain it:

Believe the hype, bitches! This is the sequel! And this time, Wall Street Whitey can't stop us, cos gold's going straight to the moon!

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