Monday, January 26, 2015

Some Monday news

Yeah, you already know the "radical leftist Syriza party" won the Greek elections and will now destroy Europe. Frankly, I'm happy that Tsipras was all-guns-blazing right after his victory speech: you win a fight against these EZ clowns by punching hard and fast.

And frankly, nobody cares about the "imminent re-rating" from the kleptocrats at Standard & Poor's: the Eurozone holds all Greece's debt, and they're running a primary budget surplus. Matter of fact, I wouldn't expect that a drachma, introduced at par today, would drop very much at all.

And Tsipras knows there's a whole pile of money just waiting to be taxed, in the hands of the kleptocrats who own Greece and who have been best buddies of the Germans for decades.

Anyway, here's some reading:

New Deal Demoncrat - weekly indicators. LLIs all positive.

Gavyn Davies - the Fed accused of complacency. More opinion on when tightening comes.

BNN - Cookie Monster! He's still going on about your anium, but at least he teaches us some useful things about the deposits. Too bad BNN's site doesn't work in Firefox with script blockers and there's a fuckton of commercials at the start.

IKN - best of the VRIC interviews. Strangely, he places Kaiser's interview among "the best", even though he really doesn't like Kaiser.


  1. To Collider!

    In fact I like Kaiser's macro-reads on the market (and his Eeyoreishness, too). My issue is with his stock picks, which aren't so great.

    1. OK, I can't argue with you on that point at all, sugar tits.