Monday, January 12, 2015

Some Monday news

Here's some stuff and junk and stuff:

Bespoke - everyone's still bullish. Maybe it's because the Bespoke readership are well-informed by Bespoke's service.

New Deal Demoncrat - weekly indicators. Quit piddling yourself dude, everything's still okay. You remind me of Cam Hui, freaking out so much about a market drop that he starts reading Mark Hulbert.

Calculated Risk - demographics, unemployment and inflation. Bill McBride seizes on a possible contributing factor to the lack of wage increases: older workers are leaving the workforce and being replaced by younger workers who are paid less. Could be, Bill, but please shut up about it because the US economy would be much better served by a class uprising against the capitalist kleptocrats.

FT Alphaville - ha ha hedge funds you suck. Institutional investors are figuring out that they've wasted 5 years of the strongest bull market in history by earning a measly annual return of 3.6% from hedge funds. The hedge funds have scammed 2.4% on top of that, which means probably the only thing they care about right now is maintaining a large enough pool of suckers.

FT Alphaville - storing oil at sea will turn out to be a bad idea. Only 1 day behind me, Izzy, you're getting better.

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