Tuesday, January 20, 2015

OTTO ROCK SELLS OUT, GOES FULL CASEY: here's what you need to know

Mineweb - why IKN loves him some gold. And Casey. He gets a reprint at Mineweb, and thus becomes the new hero of goldbugs worldwide. Quote:
On this subject I’m in complete agreement with the most hardcore goldbug you’d care to mention. I’m two-thumbs-up with all the libertarian-leaning monetary thinkers and self-styled gurus. Jim Sinclair? Yup. That King guy whose first name eludes me that runs King World News? Count me in. Doug Casey? Yep, he’s always been right on this. On other things we disagree, but on this one Casey’s been constantly and consistently correct for decades.
Oh my. Just wait til the Caseydroids show up at your blog and see your true Bolivaran socialist anti-imperialist colours! Quick, write a post about the economic success of the Evo Morales administration, before it's too late!

Anyway, I'd like to remind the people in the press that I'm the guy who called the massive pop in gold. Me.


  1. Before Otto knows it, Rick Rule will arrive to give him the pleasure of his irresistable jawline and manly company. Goldbuggery indeed!

    1. Uh... Otto's a sociamalist. I think even Rule has standards.

    2. Rick will penetrate Otto's defenses and make him submit to his thrusts of hypercapitalist logic.

  2. True.
    Though have to say...rugged jawline.
    When's the next cruise?