Sunday, January 18, 2015

Mickeyman agrees that gold is going to the moon

World Complex - gold x USDX. Actually he doesn't agree with me, he thinks gold has to slow down.

I think, since gold spent a year at an idiotic below-production-cost price getting beaten up by idiot White people who think its price has anything whatsoever to do with TIPS or the yield curve, instead of supply and demand, and who consequently thought they were so damn clever spending two months piling into long-USD-short-gold positions this fall, means that it has to skyrocket now.

They were all wrong, and now they must suffer maximum pain for being wrong. This is an ironclad law of the market. Until they all get out of their short positions, gold must continue to go up.

Barry Ritholtz must suffer horribly and publicly for the ignorance and arrogance of his position, and his wailing and gnashing of teeth must equal that of the goldbugs over the past 2 years, before this gold pop stops.

This is how a market works.

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