Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Kaminak Gold: major breakout approacheth

Eric Coffin apparently likes Kaminak Gold, which is funny cos I respect him and I had thought KAM was worthless.

Anyway, here's KAM's chart:

$1.00 or so is a multi-year resistance level. So if you think gold is going up from here, and Eric Coffin knows what he's talking about, then KAM will positively assplode right about now.

They way, y'know, gold just did.

Target? Something insanely stupid. $1.60 off just the latest cup, or $2.20 off the November 2013 low. I can forgive you for laughing your ass off at that.

Disclosure: bot 3000 after the original post but before adding the target price. Will add more if it goes up, if for no other reason than to have a reason to be mad at Coffin when the inevitable collapse comes. Cos the guy's just too damn likeable right now.

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