Wednesday, January 28, 2015

IS CLIVE JOHNSON A MANLY MAN? the answer may shock you!

IKN - breaking news - Clive Johnson got beaten up by an analyst. Wow.


Unconfirmed though decently sourced.

Clive Johnson, CEO of B2Gold ( (BTG) and Daniel Earle, sell side analyst at TD Sec, got into a fistfight last night and according to reports picked up at IKN Nerve Centre, The Clive came off second best and today has a black eye and a pair of broken glasses for his troubles.

Red wine was a third party in the fracas.

UPDATE: I've taken the rest of this post down, and not because of any complaints or threats whatsoever. Matter of fact, it's been popular.

But in the words of Jon Stewart, "I'm not your trained monkey".

The Clive is probably a pretty good guy, or at least he's still better than 95% of the junior mining CEOs out there. And I have no clue who Daniel Earle is but he certainly turned out to be a man who can hold his liquor and throw a good punch, and I'm Irish enough to respect that.

But I don't like the rest of the people from the industry who've been reading that post, and frankly I'm not writing this blog to entertain bankers and sell-side analysts. You're the problem with junior mining, not (so much) Clive.

Basically I'd rather entertain Clive Johnson than that lot.

So, just for The Clive, here's a gif of dancing cats:

Note: please don't ever grab your cat by the forelegs, it can injure them badly.

PS. I've saved the old content though, and will repost it if provided a sufficient bribe. I do have principles, but I like money more. I especially like it in large quantities.

PPS. Buy Dalradian, Ross Beaty loves them! Get in before it's too late!

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