Thursday, January 29, 2015

HOW HARD IS IT TO STOMP A MUDHOLE IN CLIVE JOHNSON? here's what you need to know!

Here's all the news that's not fit to print:

Calculated Risk - weekly initial unemployed claims drop to what, now? Since that doesn't fit the "OMG deflation sell sell" narrative, expect it to be spun for a new "OMG the Fed will raise early sell sell" narrative.

Simon Wren-Lewis - dear journalists, quit pretending Conservatives are good for the economy. Yeah, forget it, doc. The media will always spin the "no, really, Conservatives don't destroy economies!" story. Because who owns the fucking media?

IKN - how Daniel Earle stomped a mudhole in Clive Johnson's ass and walked it dry. Aw god, Clive! You got spanked like a naughty little schoolgirl by a mining analyst. One who used to like Canaco for fuck's sake! The gossiping fishwives of the junior mining world are already all over this story, too: you don't want to see how many thousands of hits I got for that post.

So I guess we can expect you to be replaced by one of your underlings for the PDAC presentation, Tuesday at 2:40PM? - here's how metal-eating bacteria will make asteroid mining possible. Yeah, Cecilia, I'm really sure they figured out how to make bacteria survive without atmospheric pressure or water. Because those abilities would definitely have been evolved here on earth. Not gonna see their innards spontaneously explode. Pull the other one.

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