Thursday, January 29, 2015


Financial Post - fisticuffs, blood at TD mining conference. Good, that should make it more memorable. Quote:

People who were there claim that Johnson was acting in a manner that Earle thought was not appropriate. In essence, Earle — who according to Bloomberg research, doesn’t cover the company (that’s done by his colleague Steven Green) — told Johnson that he should settle down a bit.

That message was something that Johnson allegedly wasn’t keen on hearing. As one witness claimed: “Dan said something to Clive who retaliated with a choke hold on Dan. The crowd broke up the initial altercation. Clive went back at him, threw a couple of punches which didn’t connect. Dan took a couple of shots, which very much connected to Clive’s right eye. His glasses were broken and Clive was bleeding.”

This witness added that after those two punches, the fight was broken up. The witness further claimed: “About 10-15 minutes later, Dan went to leave, Clive went after him but was restrained by staff at the restaurant. You expect that behavior from a bunch of 19-year olds not the CEO of a public company.”

Another witness alleged: “Clive sucker punched Dan twice in the face, Dan retaliated after the second one.”

What do the various parties say?

Reached by email, B2Gold’s Clive Johnson said, “there was a misunderstanding which was resolved. It was not business related.”

And TD said it was “aware of the incident. This is an internal matter and we are taking appropriate steps to address it.”

Damn right they're aware of the incident! I got 300 hits from TD alone today. Frankly I think they need to institute some sort of internet usage policy at that office. Probably should block my website too. I mean, I post videos of Ukrainian pole dancers.

As for Dan "The Hammer" Earle? Give the guy a raise for fuck's sake, TD. You didn't fire him for that disastrous fucking Canaco reccie, you shouldn't fire him for this.

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  1. Rumour had it there was another fist a cuffs at a well known mining show between two mining companies. Booze and ego bringing the worst out of this sector.