Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Frank Holmes gets suckered by Gundlach's worthless chart

And here's Vanessa Collette giving Frank Holmes some rope and watching him hang himself:

Right at the start he pulls up Jeffrey Gundlach's dooooom chart and asserts that the US market has never gone up seven years in a row.

So in other words, Frank Holmes is just another hayseed sucker who got taken by Gundlach's worthless chart. Let's quote that blog just to make sure you all get it this time:

However, a quick check of the history books will remind everyone that the market was up 8 straight years from 1982-1989 and then was also up 9 straight years from 1991-1999. Below are the 2 separate streaks. You will also notice that there was only 1 down year of -3.06% in 1990 that actually stopped it from being 18 straight years.

You can just ignore the fucking chart, Holmes. Because Gundlach has proven he's so fucking stupid that he doesn't even know how to select a representative data set. Quit reading idiots. Quit getting your news from Business Insider. Quit parroting crap from Reuters. Do some thinking for yourself for once.

In the rest of the interview apparently he talks about gold having gone parabolic in other currencies, but you don't have to listen because he's just proven that he blindly parrots whatever he reads on the internet.


  1. For proof of gullibility, all you need to know about Frank Holmes is that he bought 43.135m shares of Gran Colombia Gold (GCM.to) for his 'US Global Investors' fund in late 2011 (12.3% of the company at the time) and held them until at least end 2013. Talked into it by Serafino during a boozy luxe-hotel tour of Colombia. Check the chart at your own leisure.

  2. Frank is one of those guys they worship in the goldblogosphere cause he happens to be rich but every time I see him he's just regurgitating doomer crapola and right wing paranoia. Information-wise he's at Doug Casey's level - useless.