Wednesday, January 28, 2015

For all those wondering where to plow their Dalradian profits....

Now that Ross Beaty's shown everyone's hand with this crazy financing and Dalradian's about to get bought out at something crazy like $2.00*, where do you want to put your massive pile of profits?

Hey, National Bank of Greece is no worse than the junior mining garbage you normally put your money into.

And, speaking as someone who's familiar with the work of separatists here in Canada, it's not as if Tsipras is really going to pull Greece out of the EZ or even precipitate a bank funding crisis.


I dunno, when I see something tank 60% on "fear of the evil socialist revolution" my antennae get twitching. Easy fucking slam-dunk money, except of course when it ain't. And a 100% win would even cover the fucking exchange rate premium that the fucking Bilderbergers charge me.

* - yeah you're right, I totally made that up.

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  1. Greece should ramp up its separatism campaign by doing what Quebecois terrorists did in the Year of Depend Adult Undergarment; Record the perfect entertainment film and send copies of it to high-ranking officials and people in key strategic jobs.

    And before you quip back, I'm clear that the above makes as much sense as anything else these days.